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Feng Shui for BaZi Analysis

Bazi is not a modern day fad. Since primordial times, ancient sages have studied and observed the behavioural patterns of human beings born under the different stars. Using configurations and statistics, they have developed methodologies and formulas to...

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Feng Shui for Property Selection

When buying a property, home owners normally look at pricing, location and design. They often overlooked on the Feng Shui of the property. Feng Shui for the property brings many benefits to its owners. It wards off the bad luck and negative energy, or Sha...

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Feng Shui for Commercial

You may have noticed some of your relatives or friends seem to have great businesses while others just don’t seem to have the luck. Many successful business owners are able to tap to the good Qi for their office by doing office feng shui.Good Feng Shui can...

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Feng Shui for Residential

Do you want to have a good Feng Shui for your home?For existing and new home owners, Feng Shui for the home is important because renovation and good arrangement of the furniture will harness good positive energy, or  Qi to the house. The way how the...

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