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Bazi is not a modern day fad. Since primordial times, ancient sages have studied and observed the behavioural patterns of human beings born under the different stars. Using configurations and statistics, they have developed methodologies and formulas to unveil a person’s destiny.

BaZi relates to the Destiny of a person and Feng Shui relates to the Environment. The two cannot be separated. Humans were in search of finding their life purpose since ancient times. Having a glimpse of the future can allow us to control our lives and design our destinies. By studying the interaction between Man, the Environment, Time and the Universe (Heaven), a pattern which can be used to predict a person’s destiny was discovered. This pattern represents the cyclical influence of the energies in the Universe imprinted on us during the time of our birth.

This information is encrypted in the form of Eight Characters (BaZi). Commonly known as the Four Pillars of Destiny in the West, Bazi analysis uses the concept of Chinese Metaphysics to predict a person’s destiny. The data includes the person’s year, month, day and hour of birth. This information is then translated into 4 pillars which comprise eight characters, thus the name Bazi (八子).

We can treat the Four Pillars of Destiny as a weather report or traffic for your life or possible destiny. At times you may be faced with possible problems because you were not prepared. If you are aware of your destiny, you can avoid or minimize the probability of damage and take advantage of the good opportunities that may arise in good cycles years.

From the Bazi, a Feng Shui practitioner can determine the luck pillars of one’s life. He will then decipher the inter-relationships between each Chinese character and the luck pillars, and thereafter have an understanding of one’s destiny and advise the client on how to manage his fate and luck and avoid disaster.

At Geomancy Singapore, we aim to live up to the reputation of our great ancestors. Our experts know the ins and outs of analysing Bazi, and will use this knowledge to help our clients forecast their destinies. With an in-depth understanding of your destiny, you can take the reins and work towards a successful life!

The article was contributed by FengShuiConsultantSingapore.com