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When buying a property, home owners normally look at pricing, location and design. They often overlooked on the Feng Shui of the property. Feng Shui for the property brings many benefits to its owners. It wards off the bad luck and negative energy, or Sha Qi, from the internal or external environment and brings good flow of Qi to the property to improve the career, health, relationship, luck, etc.

You will live in your new house for many years to come and harnessing the positive energy or Qi will benefit each and every family member. However, if we neglect to do a Feng Shui home analysis, it may harm you or your family members along the years and eventually you will start to feel that things are not going well for you since moving in, so save yourself this hassle by getting the Feng Shui right at the beginning of the selection of property.

At Geomancy Singapore, we perform onsite selection of new or resale properties for HDB flats, apartments, condominiums and landed property. Some of the factors we will be look for:

• Determine whether a particular place or plot of land is compatible with you

• Filtering and selecting the most suitable property for you

• Select a property that faces a good direction and is supported by appropriate external landforms

• Countering the effects of Sha Qi, which can cause long term problems to you

• Ensure your property is situated in an area with positive Feng Shui

• Selecting the floor and unit you should apply for

This article is just to provide you with relevant information to assist you in making the right choice when purchasing a new property.

The article was contributed by FengShuiConsultantSingapore.com