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Do you want to have a good Feng Shui for your home?

For existing and new home owners, Feng Shui for the home is important because renovation and good arrangement of the furniture will harness good positive energy, or  Qi to the house. The way how the fittings and furniture is arranged can affect the Qi flow to the living hall, rooms and kitchen. Once the arrangement of the furniture is wrong, the good Qi cannot flow to the house and owners can experience a bad luck streak after they move into their house. Sometimes they may even experience deteorioting health, or business going to bad or frequent quarrels with spouses or family members.

Our home is where we spend much of our time in. If we know how to use and activate the Sheng Qi sector of the house, we can generate good positive energy or Qi, that is already inherent in your home. With the good positive energy or Qi for the family, it brings good luck to the family and you can look forward to bigger accomplishments in future. Getting your residence’s Feng Shui right can also help you to overcome the imperfections present in your Bazi.

Benefits of Residential Feng Shui:

  • Planning to renovate
  • Promotes good health and prevents possible illnesses
  • Thinking of buying a houses
  • Improve quality of both mental and physical health
  • Improves your career and wealth luck
  • Encourage good relations among family members
  • Students can help improve academic endeavours with good positive energy or Qi
  • Promote success in personal, professional and student life
  • Singles will stand to enjoy better luck at finding romance
  • Married couples looking to start a family will enjoy a higher chance of conceiving a child
  • Enhance good and harmonious relationships in the family
  • Forecasting of events to help you make informed decisions, thus allowing you to pre-empt the consequences


Fortunately, bad Feng Shui can be rectified. We at Geomancy Singapore Consulting use practical results-oriented, reasonable and more importantly, classic Feng Shui techniques. We will first find the cause of the problems before proposing appropriate recommendations that will drive out the negative Feng Shui and improve the Feng Shui over the time.

One trademark of classic Feng Shui techniques is that the solutions are implemented and blended into your existing interior design and/or layout of the house. This means you will be able to retain the beautiful aesthetics of your home and still tap on the positive energies to achieve your goals.

The article was contributed by FengShuiConsultantSingapore.com