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What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui MasterFeng Shui is about natural energy and natural forces can change the Qi of our living environment.

Feng Shui is not a religious practice and is commonly practiced worldwide by many people of different races and religions.

We often heard to live a balanced life. How to achieve that balance? The first step would be to learn how Feng Shui can help you.

Hailing from China over 4000 years ago, Feng Shui is the art of knowing how to create balance. The balance is found by giving energy the proper space in your life. Energy or Qi needs a certain flow and there is a definite art to Feng Shui for developing the flow of energy or Qi.

There are three important parts of the whole destiny concepts of Heaven (Tian), Earth (Di) and Human (Ren) which Heaven on fate and luck, Earth on house of Feng Shui and human on good deed and hard working. Feng Shui takes what’s known as wind water and by using the life force (or qi), creates positive environments for homes or offices. When the energy or Qi is balanced, one is able to live peacefully and in harmony with the environment.

In China using this popular belief of Feng Shui, that Qi creates positive environments, many buildings and homes are built and are able to live peacefully and in harmony with the environment to live in and work at.

The reason that Feng Shui improves the Qi with the environment for home and that we are able to keep a harmonious relationship with nature. Understanding and using Feng Shui can help to sponsor harmony in all areas of your life – your relationships, your work and even your health.

In places that are perfectly balanced and at one with nature, it pulls the good energy or Qi toward the living space. Spaces that are at discord with nature promote bad luck. The Feng part of Feng Shui (known as the wind) can rid an environment of the positive energy, which you don’t want to happen. Holding on to the Shui (the water part) creates balance. If you can harness Qi in home or office, it will create a nature flow of the good Qi to all areas of the living space and hence improves the Feng Shui.

Our environments can work for or against us. You might have heard the phrase ‘product of their environment’ whenever someone’s life is in turmoil. But good, positive energy or Qi can be created and turn a bad environment into a harmonious one. By using existing energy constructively, you can create an environment to cause the energy to work for you.

An example of earth Qi would be a river or a mountain. Those are natural Qi but Chi is created by humans by the homes or offices they build and by the layout of their environments. The goal of using Feng Shui in your life is to discover how the Qi (part of the Feng Shui) can benefit you to improve fate and luck and many more benefits.

Typically, most of these geomancers have done extensive Feng Shui audits for all types of properties, including HDB flats, executive apartments, and condominiums, landed properties, offices, retail shops, banks and factories. They have a wide range of clients from different age groups, nationality and careers.

When you have a greater understanding of who you are and what you are meant to achieve in this life, you can write your own fate.

Contact these Feng Shui experts today for audits and analysis using authentic Feng Shui techniques that could change your life for the better.